Health Scrum Hokkaido Co.,Ltd

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Our Business

Our company is manufacturing food and agricultural processed goods produced in Japan, and the most of our products are made from Hokkaido.

Hokkaido is located in northern part of Japan and has a beautiful land and clean water. It famous for high quality agricultural products.

As manufacturer of food we are focusing on the development of seasoning and green tea for Japanese cuisine such as sushi popular in overseas.

Also we have business network as a wholesaler of rice, seasoning, snack and healthy food mainly from Hokkaido.

Why Choose Us?

We can produce original products that fulfill the needs of client including culture and customs in every nation as a food manufacturer.

We can respond quick and efficient to business talks, contracts and delivery using our wide network as well.

Regarding the wholesale our business is also valued from the client and business partners.

Then our handled items are increasing, so we can provide many kind products what you need.

Our Products

Appare Amazake Tablet

Amazake is a sweet non-alcoholic rice made beverage. You can customize it to your favorite sweetness. Originally it is a drink but we made a tablet type. So it’s easy to carry and eat everywhere. We have two tastes, plain and ginger.

Appare Matcha Late

This is a powdered green tea latte. Green tea used as raw material is made from Kyoto. Maccha is natural green tea leaves, steamed, dried, and grounded down to form a fine powder. It drinks at a Japanese traditional tea ceremony.

Appare Japanese Dashi

This is a Japanese seasoning called Dashi made with bonito, seaweed and soy sauce. You can cook many kinds of food with it. It’s really common to use Dashi for many Japanese cuisines. Miso, Soy sauce and salt are also.